Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse & Rejuvenation Series begins March 20th
Susan Bass, AP, AYT, C-IAYT and Kayla Luhrs, M.D. , AYC

Why would you want to do a gentle Ayurvedic food cleanse in Spring?

Spring is the beginning of the fiscal year for nature and for your body. It is imperative that fat metabolism is reset in spring to maintain health throughout the year. If you move in concert with nature, then your body will be ready to bloom in spring and let go of the fat-soluble toxins that could affect your emotions, mental clarity, and immune system. This cleanse is not about weight loss, it is about the natural resetting of fat metabolism that should be happening in spring for the purpose of using fat as your daily fuel. 

 This 12-day food cleanse is about eating, moving and adjusting your life to give your body the support it needs during this critical seasonal juncture. In this class, we will use protocols from the oldest, continually practiced healthcare system in the world, Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic Cleanse is for people that love to eat.

 3 class series on Tuesday Evenings March 20th & 27th & April 3rd @ New Renaissance Events Center, pre-registration required for the two-week class.  Please see the Events page on this website for informational talks on the spring cleanse.

 Susan Bass - Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutritional Consultant & Ayurvedic Yoga, Therapist

 Cost $180, Contact Susan@TheArtofDigestion.com or (503) 208-2716 

 Cost includes;

  • 3 (2 hour) classes with Susan Bass that includes teachings about digestion, absorption, immunity and overall health
  • A simple Ayurvedic meal served at each class
  • Information packet to guide you through each week
  • Shopping lists, and delicous healthy recipes
  • One-on-one email support
  • Group support
  • Resources for local and online products

What you will learn;

  • Why it is critical to do a cleanse in Spring
  • Which foods your body needs most this time of year
  • Daily cleansing and detoxification protocols
  • Focused breath work
  • Yoga routines designed specifically for detoxification
  • How to prepare foods that will increase nutrient absorption
  • What your food cravings mean