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Catch the Season!

You will hear a lot about Pitta balancing in the summer from Ayurvedic Practitioners and I have a blog about it below myself.  But it is important to note that Pitta balancing does not include freezing yourself out with blasting AC in summer. 

We want to “Catch the Season," meaning go outside and feel the extremes so your body will have a chance to send you appropriate cravings.   

Of course, please don’t let yourself get depleted, burned out or overheated, but DO feel the true weather as it allows your body to let you know how much of the Pitta balancing tools you need to employ. All the extreme climate control is a big strain on the body if the inside temperature is radically different than the outside temperature. It is better not to set the AC at room temperature but rather something in between blazing hot temps outside and room temperature.

Minimize climate control to create a hardy body!

Once you are truly feeling the weather on a deep cellular level, the body can reset to the current season and will let you know what it needs. The same goes for climate control in winter. My goal as an Ayurvedic teacher is not to give people lists of things to memorize, but instead, I want to help them reawaken the Ayurveda that is already within them. How do the birds know when to fly south and the bears know when to hibernate? They catch the season! That is how they know where to go and what to eat. Their life depends on it, and so does ours. Once you really are catching the season, you will naturally crave the Pitta balancing foods, routines, and activities. Happy Summer!

Please see some Pitta balancing tools below;

In Ayurveda, we believe that “like increases like” and “opposites balance.” In summer the fire element is most likely to accumulate and get trapped in the body. The constitution/body type with the most fire is called Pitta. Pitta actually contains fire and water, but the fire element often dominates.

What does excess Pitta look like in the body? Often it looks like accumulated and/or trapped heat drying out and irritating the tissues, organs and/or the emotions. This can create a whole host of issues that have a FLAME, such as irritability, skin inflammation, acid indigestion, and summer colds.

Number one tip to help your body and your furry friends stay cool in the summer;

Hydration with electrolytes 

Think bubbling brooks, lush greenery, and full deep breathing to bring the body into a peaceful and naturally calm state. Saturate your cells with oxygen, water, and nature!

You are not just looking for something that is cooling but more importantly, something that is refreshing to your body on a cellular level. Iced latte is cold to the tongue, but the caffeine is very stimulating and dehydrating. Long term this causes burn out on many levels. Your best bets for truly refreshing and hydrating beverages are:

1)    Freshly juiced vegetables – (incredibly hydrating on a deep cellular level)

2)    Fresh coconut water – (nature's perfect electrolyte)

3)    Hibiscus tea – (natural refrigerant)

4)    Purified water with a pinch of Himalayan Pink salt, fresh cucumber slices and mint leaves (Make sure you take plenty of water with electrolytes away from meals)

5)    Pomegranate Aloe Lime Spritzer – astringent, cooling, and soothing electrolyte drink

6)    Organic Grapes are nourishing and hydrating 

Work with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to find out which of these would be best for you.  Large amounts of raw, juiced cruciferous vegetables will often put a strain on someone with a weak or stagnated liver.  A beet, apple and carrot juice will send most people’s blood sugar through the roof.  It is important that you work with a trained professional to find out how to use the foods and herbals teas in a way that supports you!

Ayurvedic tip for cooling your body in a healthy way: If you do want to cool your drink with ice then wait until the ice melts before enjoying it since room-temperature beverages are best.

What is Pitta? In Ayurvedic Medicine, Pitta is the energy of transformation that governs heat and metabolism in the body. Pitta is concerned with the digestive, enzymatic, and endocrine systems, and is eliminated from the body through sweat and the bowels.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the ancient art of nourishing your body, mind, and spirit through connection to nature. Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced health care system in the world. It originated in India and comes from The Vedic Texts.