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Celebrate Light and the Awakening of Consciousness on this Summer Solstice, Saturday, June 20th at 2:43 p.m. PST

Petals on the Ground Pink Flower Blossoms in Tree

Many herbalist believe that flowers, plants, and herbs gathered on the Summer Solstice are especially powerful.  This is the day to harvest your special plant allies to make teas, jams, tinctures, essences, and oils.

Ayurveda is about connecting to the power of nature and honoring all of nature. Including yourself, as you are also a part of nature.  Ayurveda and Yoga are both rooted in the ancient Vedic Samkhya theory of creation.  It holds the belief that each and every part of creation is influenced by and dependent upon all other parts of creation.  So, spend some time connecting with nature on the Solstice.  Make an offering to nature on this special day and feel your connectedness to all of life.

We also have a powerful Annular Solar Eclipse on Sunday, June 21st.  Combined with the Solstice, this weekend is a chance to use your powers of focus to dream in a new narrative for our embattled nation.  One of justice, equality, abundance, and health for the Earth and all the beings spiritually connected to her.  Where you put your focus will be magnified with all this astrological force.

Why do we have such a huge focus on self-work and self-healing in Ayurveda & Yoga?  I think one reason is so that we are as ready as possible for opportunities like we have this weekend.  So, DREAM it in, write it out, say it, sing it, and dance it.  Create the world we want to leave to the future generations of humans, animals, and plants.  This is our legacy, this is the beginning of the process of awakening for our species for the purpose of uniting, connecting, and healing all the beings spiritually connected to the Earth.

Bryce Halpern says it well,  “The summer solstice is a time to celebrate the awakening of our own inner light, the awakening of consciousness.”  

Om Shanti, Susan