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The Terrain

“The first and great commandment is, don’t let them scare you.” ~ E. Davis 

Have you been panicked lately wanting to find ways to support your immune system?

Take a deep breath and consider this: 

On his deathbed, Louis Pasteur (the father of Germ Theory and the pasteurization movement to kill pathogens in the milk) made a groundbreaking statement,

“Bernard was right; the terrain is everything, the germ is nothing.” 

Bernard was Pasteur’s rival with opposing theories on health. Before he died, Pasteur wanted it to be known that germs weren’t the problem. It is the IMBALANCE in our terrain that invites the disturbance. 

“What terrain” should we be considering at this time? 

  1. Your respiratory tract (prana vaha srotas) 
  2. Your GI tract (anna vaha srotas)

In Ayurveda, there is a functional relationship between the lungs and the colon. If we keep them both clean and healthy, they support each other. These two terrains have the most impact on preparedness because they are both responsible for the intake of Prana (life-force). 

Here are my favorite products for tending to these two terrains: 

  1. Organic Ceylon Cinnamon – Buy it whole and grind it in the spice/coffee grinder right before using. This provides a potent antiviral that has an affinity for lungs. The Vedic texts say that Ceylon Cinnamon dispels all deep cold in the body.  According to Ayurveda, whatever you mix with cinnamon will be delivered to your lungs.
  2. Organic Cardamom – This is Ayurveda’s #1 anti-mucus spice. Spring is the season of mucus. Too much mucus gives lots of hiding places for pathogens. EXCESS mucus makes it harder for the immune system to do its job.
  3. Tulsi Tea with Ashwagandha – Tulsi is a go-to tonic for the heart and lungs. It is a diuretic and diaphoretic, so don’t overdo Tulsi if you are feeling dried out. Ashwagandha is Ayurveda’s powerful and world famous adaptogen because it helps your body combat the effects of stress. One cup of Tulsi is all I can drink a day, but a hardy Kapha may be able to have 3 cups a day in Spring.
  4. Moringa powder – Ayurveda’s potent antioxidant green powder from the Moringa tree leaf that can be sprinkled onto anything (porridge, smoothies, teas).
  5. Frankincense – There is a reason that so many temples and churches burn Frankincense all the time. It energetically and physically cleans the air. It also retards mold growth in buildings where it is used.
  6. Bronchial Wellness Tea from Gaia – This is a strong tea formula for the respiratory tract (prana vaha srotas) that some people really love, and some people find too strong. It has everything from Helichrysum (fantastic for nervous system support and trauma), as well as Thyme and Eucalyptus for someone who feels heaviness in prana vaha srotas.

Routine and mindset are also vital to health. Don’t forget to:

  • Go to bed early, 10:30 PM, at the latest.
  • Meditate every day.
  • Eat three warm, fresh-cooked, SEASONALLY appropriate meals each day at the same time in a RELAXED environment. 
  • So that you don’t build excess mucus in the lungs or GI tract, consider reducing wheat, sugar, dairy, heavy foods, cold foods, processed foods, and frozen foods.